Feb 14, 2013

13 Week Update

Well, since my last pregnancy post not much has changed as far as the nausea and vomiting go.  In fact, I feel worse.  I have had two staff infections on my face, an upper respiratory infection with severe cough that caused extreme pain in my esophagus (weak from bile and acid), a yeast infection, and now complications from acid reflux.    All of this while fighting off all day and night nausea.  I am not able to perform my daily tasks or get out of the house.  

On a good note, the baby looked great at my 10 week appointment, and the heartbeat was strong.  The sonogram showed a healthy baby, and we were excited to see little arm and leg buds kicking away.  It's what keeps me going actually, knowing that in a short time I will hold this new little person in my arms.

I feel so weak today...but I know I can make it...one day, one moment at a time.

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