Sep 17, 2013

Happy Name Day My Sweet Sophia

It is an amazing story of love, devotion, and ultimate sacrifice.  A mother and her three allegorical challenge to live virtue.  I asked Sophia today if she realized how blessed she was to have Saint Sophia as her saint.  She said yes, but that her story was sad.  In a way, I guess...but even sadder still is a mother who does not try to follow in Saint Sophia's footsteps.  Lord have mercy.
For a wonderful retelling of this story visit this link:

I love you Sophia, my love in the middle.  Happy Name Day!

The Church celebrates and rejoices in the feast of the three daughters: Faith, Hope, and Love and their Mother Sophia, named for her wisdom: for in them she gave birth to the three godly virtues. Now they eternally behold their bridegroom, God the Word. Let us rejoice spiritually in their memory and cry: O our three Heavenly Protectors, establish, confirm and strengthen us in Faith, Hope and Love. Troparion - Tone 4 

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  1. For sure, the whole family can rejoice in Sophia's name day with her. Pray to God for us all, Saint Sophia!


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