Jan 5, 2014

Game On!

Keep your head when you win, and your heart when you lose.

Just for fun let your heart ponder the meaning of these idioms and how they relate to the game of life:

Keep your head in the game.
Leave it all on the field.
Play your heart out.
It's not all fun and games.
It's a numbers game.
That's the ballgame.
What's the game plan?
At this stage of the game.
I'm game.
Game on.
Two can play at this game.
Don't give the game away.
Cover all your bases.
That came out of left field.
Home free.
Somebody moved the goalposts.
Just run with it.

Here's to your 2014 season.  I pray it is a winning season...even when you lose.

Happy New Year Everyone!  



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