Dec 27, 2014

Christ is Born

*A little late, but wanted to share.

Well, it is not the Christmas I had planned, but maybe it's even better. My girls are cooking everything! I am sick, along with the babies, and am not able to get in the kitchen. Addy and Caroline have taken charge, and let me say I am more than impressed. In the lineup we have roast, mashed potatoes, almond green beans, two buttermilk pies, peanut butter bars, banana nut bread, and a green salad. Also they are making a Greek tray with the stuffing for dolmades I made two days ago. They are rolling away. Also making tzatziki with pita chips. I cannot believe it really is something to watch. It is the best Christmas present ever watching my girls cook like women! Christmas does not happen when we get everything done or everything perfect...Christmas is what we do together...what we share. Christ is born! He is in our midst! He is and ever shall be.


  1. It sounds wonderful! I hope you're all feeling better soon! Christ is Born!

  2. so glad your daughters are able to do this for you! Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


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