Apr 25, 2014

Sophie the Feminist & Cage Fighters

We were riding along in the car the other afternoon, and Sophia (8 years old) made a comment in response to a discussion we were having about boys.  She said, "Yeah, but, girls are smarter than boys."

Addy turned to me and said, "I think Sophie is the biggest feminist out of all of us."

Sophie chimed in from the back of the Suburban, "What is a feminist?"

"It's a person who thinks girls are better than boys, or who thinks girls can do anything boys can do."  Addy tried to explain in a way that Sophie could understand.  I think she underestimates her sister.

"Well, girls are smarter than boys because when boys grow up they want to be cage fighters," Sophie protested.

"There are girl cage fighters too, Sophie." Caroline joined the conversation with a fact.

Sophie was still adamant, "If a girl wants to be a cage fighter then she's just weird."

Cage fighter...that's how I would describe a feminist.  Yep, that's it...cage fighter.
Disclaimer: This post is meant in a good spirit of fun...although a bit sarcastic. 


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